Instagram’s latest feature opens up opportunity for news content

Tonight Instagram revealed a new feature that allows its users to share up to 10 pictures and videos within a single post. Like Stories, but as a permanent post.

The idea is that you can swipe from left to right between the pictures, or videos.

I tried it for myself, using my personal account to share three black and white pictures of some plans for a new project I’m working on.

Update: I have also included a panoramic picture of a bridge in a park, showing how the new format could carry a continuous picture as opposed to individual images. Admittedly, this looks much better within the app.

In terms of using Instagram to publish news, this new feature opens up a wide range of opportunities for publishers. Whether it be sharing headlines at the start of the day, or a collection of photos for the same news story.

I can also see this being a hit with comic strip artists on Instagram.

Just like any other singular post, you can edit the caption or location. Similarly to Stories, you can not reorder or edit individual parts, but you can’t delete them either. To make these kind of changes, you would need to delete the entire post and then re-share it.

I’ll be taking a look at this new format with news content over the next few days, and will share my thoughts and experience with you in another blog post.