Introducing my MA project

This is the first blog post in a series that will map out the progress of my MA by Practice module at Birmingham City University. It is the final piece of work on my postgraduate degree in Online Journalism. It hasn’t been too long since I submitted the proposal for this assignment, which I opted for instead of writing a dissertation.

I have decided to explore interactive video – an online video format that sparks curiosity, but a lack of take-up for a news context surprises me. At the moment, it seems to me that interactive video for news content would be an effective way of bringing an audience the news online; the audience can get to pick and choose what information they find in the most engaging medium online, video.

The only con that immediately comes to mind is the production time – how long it takes to create such a product – which is why I am exploring its production now. I want to establish whether interactive video is a viable medium to publish news. It is my intention to learn whether this medium is appropriate as an end result, and whether the (if any) benefits of the end product outweigh the time and resources needed to produce it.

Because of the time I expect it to take producing an interactive video, I don’t imagine it being a viable medium for breaking news. Instead, I am taking the assumption that this format will be used for long form journalism, and the project I am producing will be in this style.

In the wake of a growing threat from international and home-grown terrorism, should the public accept less privacy in exchange for greater security?

One of the greatest dilemmas in the age of global social media, on-going technological innovations and internet communications is how far the boundaries between privacy and national security are stretched.

“At a time of heightened security threat, it is essential our law enforcement, security and intelligence services have the powers they need to keep people safe” (Amber Rudd, 2016).

In the first couple of weeks into the project, I have continued to contact key individuals for interview, and began working on the format of the interactive video. A challenge I have faced is that some of the key individuals I have planned to speak to have been effected by the surprise general election, which was called only weeks before my proposal submission.

This set back has meant that I have not currently conducted any interview, where at this point in my timeline I had hoped to have at least one, or two. This means that I have a smaller window to complete the interviews required for my project before I need to draw my attention to the final artefact and the critical evaluation.


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