MA project: Planning the second production stage

In my previous blog post, I mentioned the disappointing results with the 360º camera during the two interviews I have so far conducted, with my hesitation around quality and positioning. To exemplify what I mean by this, I’ve attached a still image taken from my second filmed interview, with Francis Clarke.

The default point of view is a brick wall, which isn’t exactly eye-catching. It’s also not immediately obvious how to move or control the point of view, which may be a limitation of uploading the image by itself – but it backs up my argument, also in my previous blog post, about identifying the format and offering an explanation in controlling it at the very beginning of the video.

After reviewing my position behind the camera during the interview with Sir David Omand, I moved myself forward when speaking to Francis Clarke in order to be seen by the 360º camera. I was positively surprised by how much difference this makes in this VR format, and quickly noted this observation for any future work with the camera.

With regards to the rest of the video; I’ve decided to take a break from editing until I have recorded and prepared more content. Some interviews that had been lined up are no unavailable, and so progress has taken a step back. Once a third interview has been filmed, I’ll take the time to film the necessary pieces to camera, voice overs, and to finish producing graphics.

The reason why I haven’t produced these elements yet is because I need to maintain consistency between all the video formats. The technical differences I’ve experienced with the 360º video, means that I am yet to discover how the finished result will look, and so the presentation may change. In order to keep the desired consistency, the pieces to camera should be set in the same environment, voice overs recorded with the same tone of voice, and graphics produced in the same design.

These elements in existing news video are produced at the same time, so consistency isn’t an issue. However, if I were to film film flat video content one day, and re-film 360º a week later, there would be discrepancies between environment and tone. This is also true for the alternate introduction pieces too, which I am planning to use a studio for.