MA project: The alternate introduction

This week’s blog post is simply to share a preview clip from my MA project.

Something I discussed in a previous blog post was a need for varying introductions to each of the videos I’m producing. I filmed these today, in the television studio at university. Rather than returning to the park, the same place as I filmed pieces to camera, I chose the studio because the environment is separate to that in the video itself. The separation is important to distinguish between the content, and what is essentially a quick tutorial on ‘how to watch this video’.

While I finish tidying these videos, with minor tweaks to captions and transitions, I decided to upload the introduction piece to my 360º video here so you can get a rough idea how it will look.

Remember that this video is best viewed on supporting web-browsers, or on a smartphone through a compatible app (I suggest the YouTube app), unless you have access to a VR headset in which case you know what to do.