The absolute state of social media in 2021

Only a few moments ago I spotted a tweet highlighting that LinkedIn was working on a live audio room feature. In case you have a life away from the internet and haven’t been following the twists and turns of social media platform development over the last year or so, Clubhouse. That’s the word. Clubhouse. The […]

Dad still brings out the best in me

Losing my dad was tough, but he still brings out the best in me. I think about who he was, and how it inspires who I want to be. He was calming, generous, thoughtful, encouraging, and genuine. And I am trying, not be be him, but to embody what people loved so much about him so that I could have as rich a personality as he did for those around me.

The hidden successes of iOS 12: My three unsuspected challenges

For developers and tech-enthusiasts, the beta release of iOS 12 is an exclusive insight into what Apple will bring to the table as part of its Autumn release schedule. Many of the features are listed on Apple’s website, as well as being discussed by tech bloggers. But there is one success story that I haven’t seen so much: the desire to get my numbers down.


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