Best Before End

 Warning: some of the multimedia content in this project contains explicit language.

Best Before End is a satirical television and online news bulletin that spoofs British news and current affairs; brought to you by the most sophisticated news team in the history of television broadcasting, if you exclude every other news team in the history of television broadcasting.

Best Before End was created as part of Craft, a collaborative initiative, within the School of Media at Birmingham City University. I took the role of director and worked with Dominika Suskova to deliver the programme and online experience. We recruited the cast and crew, and planned the production. After finishing the scripts, we both worked on the studio recording while a second crew, led by Luke Brickley, filmed off-site.

We worked with students from a variety of courses: MA Online Journalism, MA International Broadcast Journalism, MA Television Production, PgDip Broadcast Journalism, MA Social Media, MA Fashion Design, BA Media and Communications. We also featured members of the Birmingham School of Acting as our cast.

Our cast: Lauren Mead, Rory Gradon, Charlie Kirkpatrick, Thomas Richards, and Robert Tombari. The crew: Grace Pilsbury, Bisma Sheikh, Tom Mcloughlin, Taoana Tsiki, Athina Marini, Lilli Lehmann, Samuel Heavens, AJ Nixon, Theresa Kuhn, Simon Hui, Raneem Dayoub, and Jamie Hilton.

Developing a name

Dominika and I reenacted the discussion we had surrounding the name of the production. This short promotional video was featured on the Best Before End Facebook page days before the finished video was scheduled for public viewing.

The video does contain some strong language.

Director’s interview

Below is an interactive video, you can click on the buttons that appear to watch a short interview with the cast and the producer Dominika, and to later visit social media platforms Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Web exclusive content

As part of the main programme, we ran a social media strategy that included alternate web-exclusives. The posts to Instagram and Twitter can be found below