City OnAir

featured_city_onairCity OnAir was the student radio station at City University London, operating between 2011 and 2015.

I joined the team as I started university in September 2012 as a news presenter and general producer, before taking the role as editor during the 2013/14 academic year with a group of 20+ regular contributors. Together, we produced an average of six hours of podcast content a week, three of which were broadcast live online.

As editor, it was my responsibility to manage the team and to lead production of all shows. I also monitored the content of the shows to make sure they were safe/legal, as well as overseeing the branding of the station and individual shows.

One of the shows I was heavily involved with was City OnAir News, a weekly live programme that included a campus news bulletin, as well as news from around London and the UK. Contributors would script a news briefing for their designated segment, before reading it out in the studio.

City OnAir News was the only show where a different combination of contributors would present each week.

The other big show I worked on was called Our Take On The News; another weekly live programme in a more conversational format about ‘lesser-serious news’. Two guests joined the presenter, Payam Edalat, in the studio to discuss the show’s topics. Some of these included the copulation habits of sea-slugs, crowd-sourced breast reductions, a life-sized chocolate statue of the Pope, and Flappy Birds.

During the Students’ Union Elections 2014, I was the executive producer of radio programmes and podcasts; including three events broadcast live from the Students’ Union Bar. City OnAir worked with the union to organise fair debates, while ensuring that the production for the in-house audience, live streamed audience and podcast listeners was seamless and efficient.

To celebrate a successful year, I decided to produce a special video that shared some of our stories and feelings from working in the station. Most of the contributors were able to take part in the video.

Shortly after handing over the editorial responsibility to other students, the station stopped production. In November 2017, a new student radio station at City was established under the name Carrot Radio.