LBC digital

As the weekend editor, I held editorial responsibility for the digital output of LBC, working with presenters and producers to create compelling video content that bridges the gap between on-air and online. I also wrote SEO articles, set up and vision-mixed live-streams, and represented the brand at group level social media and digital meetings.

Here are some examples of the kind of content I published for LBC:

Moment LBC Political Editor’s Brexit Update Is Interrupted By 4-Year-Old Live On Air
Eddie Mair was left in hysterics when Theo Usherwood’s Brexit update was brought to an early end by the sound of his 4-year-old…
“Brexiters Are Blaming The Queen Because The Only Alternative Is To Blame Themselves”
James O’Brien outlines how Brexiters have found themselves blaming the Queen for the current state of Brexit.
What Is The Chequers Deal? Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Explained
The Brexit proposal that Theresa May is putting forward to the EU has been met with strong opposition from some Brexiteers and EU negotiators, but what is the ‘Chequers deal?
Maajid Nawaz’s Explosive Row With Gun Advocate Over Argument To Increase Firearm Ownership
This is what happened when a gun advocate snapped at Maajid Nawaz after his argument for preventing mass shootings by flooding the market with more guns was pulled apart.
Iain Dale Grills Jo Swinson Over “Hypocrisy” On Scottish Independence And Brexit
Iain Dale challenged Lib Dem leadership hopeful Jo Swinson over her “hypocrisy” for wanting a second referendum on leaving the European Union, but not a repeat of a vote for Scottish independence.
Brexit Timeline: Key Dates As The UK Prepares To Leave The EU
When is the UK leaving the European Union? Will we have a no-deal Brexit? Is there going to be a second referendum? As Article 50 gets extended, here’s an in-depth Brexit timeline of all the important dates and developments.
James O’Brien’s Unmissable Exchange With Jacob Rees-Mogg Over Brexit Vote
On the day of a key vote on Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement, James spoke to the leader of the European Research Group. And as soon as James asked: “Why has it all gone so wrong?” it was clear the pair would clash.