UK General Election 2017

On the 8th June, I presented a series of programmes on Facebook Live for Birmingham Eastside, each on the hour throughout the night, with results updates and discussions from the General Election.

I worked with a group of students across the MA and BA Media suite at BCU, including Online Journalism, International Broadcast Journalism, Television Production, and Social Media.

In the lead up to the broadcast, I shared responsibility for the logistics and technical preparation with the producer Dominika Suskova.

This has included:

  • Writing the risk assessment,
  • Arranging studio/facility and equipment hire,
  • Delegating technical job roles between those taking part,
  • Scheduling the broadcasts and working out the running order for them,
  • Purchasing necessary licences to broadcast live,
  • Designing the studio set,
  • Organising reporters and pre-recorded content, and
  • Configuring the upload stream to Facebook Live.

In the lead up to the first live programme, we pre-recorded discussions on key topics ready for playback on air. Before each programme, I wrote the basic script to structure each hour while presenting the news updates unscripted.

A more detailed account of my experience in this project can be read in a blog post.


Midnight: Exit Polls, and Nilesh Patel discusses health policy.

1am: Nuria Riquelme on immigration policy in the election.

2am: Rebekah Smith on zero hour contracts and employment policies.

3am: Birmingham Northfield and Erdington announcements, and Ophelie Maraval talks about environmental policy.

4am: 9 out of 10 Birmingham results in, and Elis Sandford talks housing policy.

5am: Mike Smith talks about the parties’ policies on technology.

6am: Elis Sandford round rounds up events in Birmingham on extraordinary night.

In the studio: Dominika Suskova (director), Luke Brickley (sound), AJ Nixon (auto-cue), Theresa Kuhn (video playout), Athina Marini (photography/camera), Debs Hunt (camera), Vic Salvador (online), Thomaz Pires (online), Paul Bradshaw (online), Alexandra Daskalova (online), and Nuria Riquelme (online).

Reporters: Ophelie Maraval, Elis Sandford, Nilesh Patel, Rebekah Smith, Mike Smith, Dominic Sweeney, and Leeford Dean.